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Carl Wharton 

Carl has been working in film, theatre and television for over 30 years and has been fortunate to cross all genres. With a background in dance and fitness, he uses a physical emotional approach to his character development.  With a strong foundation in theatre it gives him a discipline when working in film and television. His credits in film continue to grow with several international projects lined up for the coming years. 

He is currently developing the German Dr Kauffman for the WW1 feature film Eleven.  He is also working on series one of the new television drama Matopulas, set in Liverpool, where he is portraying James Kneller a powerful man with dangerous tendencies. This coming year will see Carl working more in the US with such projects as Time Warpers where he will create the character Dr Earth 11.



Miranda Benjamin 

Miranda graduated from the University of Salford with a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Performing Arts and went on to tour across Britain and Europe with a variety of theatre shows, including ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘Macbeth’ at the National Theatre of Luxembourg.

Although acting has always been her primary passion, her introduction to professional performance was as an illusionist’s assistant, which encouraged an interest in acquiring a variety of performance-based skills, such as singing, dancing, puppetry, flaring and, most dangerously dancing, with fire!

In 2014, Miranda sent out her first solo show to care homes around the North-West. In a bid to entertain and spread festive joy to an older generation at Christmas, the show incorporated song, comedy, puppetry and poetry. This venture has continued to thrive and develop, with a variety of shows now being performed across all seasons.

In recent years Miranda has focused on developing her screen acting career and has gained credits in film, television, commercials and web-series. Her most notable film credit is 'Jaz', the lead female role in 'Cleft Lip' (One Day Films, 2018), a feature film that won a variety of awards at international film festivals. The feature is available to stream on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play.

Alongside screen work, Miranda is also writing her first play, 'Blackbird', which tells the story of a woman's struggle to find her own voice, amidst the effects of abuse, influence, manipulation and dogma.

Miranda returned to the stage in 2017 for Chris Leicester's last play 'Married. But Lonely' and is very much looking forward to treading the boards once again, as 'Fiona' in ‘The Incident Pit’.

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